I'm Zain Farah

And my journey in the world of technology and engineering began in an unconventional yet fascinating way. As a young, curious individual, I started my adventure in the realm of media and technology with Kidspiration TV, where I had the unique opportunity to interview a variety of industry leaders.

This experience not only honed my communication skills but also ignited my curiosity about the world around me.

It was during one of these interviews that I had a life-changing conversation with Dr. Madeline Gannon. This encounter was more than just an interview; it was a gateway to a world I had never explored before. Dr. Gannon's insights into engineering and technology opened my eyes to the endless possibilities and innovations these fields offer. Her passion for her work was contagious, and it inspired me to embark on a path that I hadn't considered before.


My curiosity piqued

I immersed myself in the world of mathematics and computer science. Python and JavaScript were the first steps in my exploration of the complex realm of computer programming. Learning this language was like unlocking a whole new world of possibilities for expression and analysis.

Working for Camden Council's IT Department

Working for Camden Council’s IT Department further fueled my passion. Here, I was exposed to real-world applications of technology and the impact it can have on communities and services. This experience was instrumental in shaping my understanding of the practical aspects of technology and its potential to drive change.

Course on Full Stack Development

My academic pursuits have been a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Completing a course on Full Stack Development from the UX Design Institute was a significant milestone. It provided me with comprehensive knowledge of Front-End and Back-End Technologies, Databases, and the various methodologies used in App Development. This education wasn't just about gaining knowledge; it was about understanding how to apply it to create solutions that matter.

Tech Industry

As I stand at the cusp of an exciting journey into a Tech Industry, I bring with me not just a set of skills, but a perspective shaped by diverse experiences. My background as an interviewer, a student, and a tech enthusiast has equipped me with a unique blend of communication, analytical, and technical skills.

I believe that technology is not just about understanding how machines work; it’s about understanding how they can work for us, to make our lives better and our societies more efficient. As I continue my journey, I’m excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead and the opportunities to contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of technology and engineering.

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